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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones. Our cozy neighborhoods and kind staff make them feel comfortable by interacting and participating in actions.

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Tremendous Atmosphere

We maintain the best atmosphere for you so that you can feel comfortable and happy with us


Latest Medical Care

We use all the latest tools and technologies having skilled staff who are dedicated to providing 


Caring and Courteous Staff

We have a highly qualified and dedicated staff who is always courteous to provide you complete care.


Yoga For Relaxation

We render complete care and for this, we schedule several yoga and meditation classes that can provide you deep relaxation and happiness.


Best Assisted Living 

We are proudly the best-assisted living who focus to provide complete care having all the facilities available under one roof.


Hospice Care 

We provide the best hospice care by providing complete care to terminally ill people and these make us the best nursing home

Smaller Homes & Beautiful Outdoor Spaces At Nursing Homes in Portland Or

Portland Elder Care was built to make a warm, relaxing atmosphere of the home. It comprises the essential details required to encourage, care for, and join with individuals that are currently living with other related Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Our senior center Portland consists of spacious houses built to accommodate a maximum of residents in each home comfortably. Nurture, the shared space in each apartment was designed to inspire and engage residents.

Each dwelling has a 'safe room' specifically designed and constructed to maintain our residents and partners protected during times of inclement weather.
Each home has its secure courtyard and memory garden where residents can freely come and go as they choose, breathe in the fresh air of the outside, delight in the sounds of nature, and live a life beyond their home's interior.

In addition to the fantastic outdoor places, families and residents can relax and revel in the numerous comfy indoor areas in every home, including a living area, lounging area, family-style kitchen with island, and dining area.

Each resident loves their private studio-style apartment and private bathroom. Each room is large enough to offer the opportunity to personalize their living room to residents and their families small sufficient to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed or confused.

Individuals with Alzheimer's disease can sometimes experience decreased appetite and associated weight loss. Our smaller houses have kitchens that allow for the natural smells of meals that are yummy to fill the air and stimulate hunger. Our team at nursing homes in Portland can use these kitchens any time, day or night, for cooking and socialization.

Our nursing homes in Portland Or has bedrooms that are interactive, a laundry area, and a living room explicitly made for Life Enrichment chances. Residents and families can enjoy time together, relax, and spend time.

Partnering with Families to Build Collaborative Partnerships

At senior center portland, our goal is to produce a venture among individuals with dementia, their families, medical professionals, and our care team who can enhance the quality of support and each resident's everyday life experiences and attention they receive.

As part of the process of achieving this aim, we use our Life History Interview and evaluation procedure pre-move-in to collect information from health professionals, friends, and family. This information helps us understand each resident's physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs and the nuances of the personality and the significance of their behaviors.

Researching every facet of our resident's lives and the personal experiences they have shared with their families over the decades is where we start to assemble the ideas that let us create a personalized memory care plan that will meet our resident's changing needs.

Our Testimonials

Jessica Jackson

"A good place to live your life again in the ’60s without any responsibilities and tension, love to live there. Recommend it to all elders."

Steve Johnson

"It is one of the best nursing homes that have all the facilities available under one-roof, I love to reside there, would recommend it to everyone who wants a home away from home."

Jhone Dew

"The best nursing home ever, they use all the latest methods to treat you, the staff is so caring, the facilities are awesome. Best place to relax and reside even in illness!"

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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones

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