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Working with Experts at Day Care in Portland

An essential part of our unique strategy is our partnerships with key professionals in Alzheimer's and dementia care. Teaming up with these specialists finally helps us to choose a different approach to providing maintenance and service for our residents. It gives opportunities for our care staff to develop professionally through training and education. Some of our primary alliances include:

Alzheimer's Association -- Working together with the local Alzheimer's Association chapter, we're teaming up with those professionals to provide continuing training and instruction for our maintenance staff about how to give the very best care and support for our occupants.

Rehabilitation -- It is typical for seniors to experience physical problems that inhibit their quality of life. The need for physical, occupational, or speech treatment is widespread; that's why we encourage therapy services for our residents. Besides, these professionals can also offer advice training on assisted living in Portland.
Medical Director -- As a specialist, our Medical Director completely understands the medical issues associated with dementia and seniors. We guarantee regular on-site physician services for our residents and provide direction and support to our nursing staff.

Exceptional Services assisted living in Portland

Every resident at Portland Elder Care has the right to have access to whatever services are necessary to meet with their changing needs. Our commitment is to be a resource and advocate for our residents when they have a need or concern in almost any area of their life. Our staff can provide recommendations or directions for accessible services and can help out with coordinating access.

Interactive Relationships with Families

Another fundamental goal for us at a day care in Portland would be to get an ongoing, lively relationship with our resident's key family members. They provide us insight into the things that bring happiness and joy for their loved one, along with the things that could make them uncomfortable or angry.

For communication between families and our maintenance team, we provide regular opportunities at assisted living in Portland. Based on the family's expectations, we'll provide daily updates through telephone calls, team meetings, emails, and face to face discussions. During these interactions, we strive to advise the relative and solicit feedback from their perspective.

This communication is critical to our success at understanding our residents better and creating a supportive environment for each person. We are aware that the love and support of a family member or friend can be quite powerful, and we want to add our care and support to yours!

So, if you're thinking of assisted living! Don't miss out to call us and inquire about our services, pricing, and care personnel.

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